Drug-free. Natural-acting. Long-lasting.

NiteThru® supplements your body’s own melatonin—with a unique two-stage formulation that’s clinically proven to help you fall asleep fast, then sleep soundly for up to 7 hours.*

NiteThru® 6mg Melatonin Gummies

Our first ever timed-release gummy.

The two-stage release technology of NiteThru® melatonin is now available in a star-shaped gummy with natural strawberry flavor.

NiteThru® Melatonin 10mg Capsules

Fast-acting powder. Long-lasting beads.

NiteThru® capsules quickly release an initial dose of melatonin, then continue to supply a steady stream of additional melatonin throughout the night—to help you sleep the night through.

Get up to 7 hours* of sleep.

In a clinical trial, NiteThru® Advanced Sleep Aid maintained melatonin levels above the effective level for up to 7 hours* after a single dose. It helps support continuous, uninterrupted, refreshing sleep.